Colored Stones Report


GIL's Full Report or Gemstone Identification Report comes in a standard A4 size (21.0 x 29.7 cm) hard cover. The report identifies the gemstone and sometimes upon client's request, we also state the origin of the gem whenever possible. Gem Dealers often use our certificates to add value to their gemstones. In the bottom right hand corner of the report is GIL's Security Seal that will identify the Report to be authentic.

The GIL Identification Report describes whether the stone is natural or synthetic, identifies the type of gemstone, and includes any detectable treatments. This report also contains a detailed description of the gemstone such as cut, shape, weight, measurement, and color, and includes a photograph of the gemstone.


GIL Envelopes are low-cost alternative. It is very popular for precious and semi-precious stones. It is available in the size of 12 cm x 9 cm. It is easier to carry and it basically states the identity, Color, Refractive Index (RI), shape, measurement, and Weight of the stones.


The Certi-card Report is printed professionally on a standard credit card size plastic card. It is easier to carry and suitable to be placed in display cases next to the item that is for sale. As the name suggests, a Cert-card Report basically states the identity of the gemstone and any basic treatments. It is available in the size of 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm.

Certi-cards are another low-cost alternative. The Cert-card format and level of service does not quantify the clarity enhancement or identify the specific filler(s) that may have been used, nor is the country-of-origin a part of this level of service. For such information, the level of service must be upgraded to GILs Full Report. Size limitations do apply for specific gem varieties and additional testing requirements may also apply. The information provided on each Cert-card includes a report number, the gemstones identification, measurements, carat weight, shape and cutting style, and general color.

3 Fold Colored Stone Certificate