ABOUT kunzite

  • Kunzite is a rare and unusual gemstone ranging from nearly colorless to rich electric pink. It is found in California, Brazil and Afghanistan. It is possible to find very large pieces of kunzite (even up to 40 carats). The larger pieces usually exhibit deeper color – compounding their value. Kunzite gemstones must be protected from the sun, prolonged exposure to bright lights or extreme heat as this will cause the color to fadeThe most valuable kunzite is large (over 20 carats) with rich vibrant saturated pink color and perfect clarity. Most important things: Color: Color is the most important feature of a kunzite is assessing its value. This is both the hue of the stone and the saturation.

Color Pink, Purple
Mohs scale hardness 6.5 – 7
Specific gravity 3.03 – 3.23
Refractive index 1.66 - 1.68